Toolbox Talks


Toolbox Talks are an important part of our safety training resources. These provide a ready-resource our company can utilize to quickly refresh our employees on key safety topics in our industry. The topics that are covered in this section are written by experienced individuals who know the proper methods to ensure a safe workplace. Some of our employees teamed with the SWR Institute & OSHA Alliance helped develop these Toolbox Talks. It is our recommendation that each and every company institute a formal safety program with regular safety meetings and training sessions. Toolbox Talks are a great way to start!

Toolbox Talks / Charla en la caja de Herramientas: Seguridad de Escaleras
In partnership with our OSHA Alliance we have produced the following OSHA-Alliance approved Toolbox Talks.

> Guidelines to a Productive Toolbox Talk

> Aerial Lifts | Spanish Version

> Barricades

> Competent Person | Spanish Version

> Drinking Water | Spanish Version

> Driving Safety | Spanish Version

> Electrical

> Excavation and Trenching

> Eye Protection

> Fall Protection | Spanish Version

> Fire Extinguisher

> First Aid

> Hazards and Safe Use of Multi-Component Chemical Products in Construction (Guidance Document)

> Head & Face Protection

> Housekeeping

> Illumination | Spanish Version

> Lockout (LOTO)

> PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

> Portable Generators

> Power Tools | Spanish Version

> Powder Actuated Tools

> Respiratory Protection

> Silica

> Suspension Trauma

> Swing Radius

Ladder Related

> Choosing the Right Ladder | Spanish Version

> Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Ladder | Spanish Version

> Extension Ladder Safety | Spanish Version

> Inspect Ladders Carefully | Spanish Version

> Set Up & Use of Ladder | Spanish Version

> Using a Stepladder Safely | Spanish Version



It is great to work with a company that approaches every aspect of a project with the level of professionalism and pride that GDA does. Their involvement in industry organizations and their training programs demonstrate their commitment to excellence.

Rick Johnson, South Central Regional Manager, BASF

W. R. Grace

It is rare to find an applicator that cares as much as GDA and their group of companies.  They have taken waterproofing to the next level.

Jill Heidorf, Architectural Sales Rep, W. R. Grace

United States Cold Storage

The George D Alan Company has done an excellent job...I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with floor issues.

Chad Saltzman, Chief Engineer, United States Cold Storage, Inc.

Silicone Specialties

Every aspect of working with employees from GDA is a step above their competition.

Duane Barnett, President/ CEO, Silicone Specialties